About O.Victor Miller

Vic Miller is the South Georgia author that Clyde Edgerton calls a cross between Harry Crews and Larry Brown. A novelist, humorist, and naturalist, he lived aboard his sailboat “Kestyll” for a number of years, often anchored near a Kuna Indian village off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Today, he nests in a vintage Airstream behind his family home, on the banks of the Flint River where he grew up. He is a frequent contributor to Gray’s Sporting Journal.



5 Responses

  1. i see that you have 5 friends you sure are slipping in you old age

  2. Vic – I would like to have contact with you. Several things on my my mind. I would like to get serious about traveling with you on an adventure in the days ahead, maybe next year. And I have a short story about Old Boney of the Gordon Hotel Barber Sbop era — I want you to review and make suggestions for improving it.

    Call me or email me please.


    828 252 8062 home
    828 989 9100 cell

    Look forward! John

  3. Stayed at Griffis last December,

    Les’s brother (who now runs the camp) his wife, daugther, & son-in-law invited me to a turkey dinner after two days on the river-felt like a member of the family when I pushed off in my solo canoe for a third day down the tupelo pardise reflected reality of the Suwannee.

    I’ve been been sampling sections of the Suwannnee for several yrs-being drawn ever more deeply into an alternate reality that I am not accustom to.

    I am overcome by your descriptions of the river, landscape, culture, and lure of this remenent wilderness and a way of life that is slipping away.


  4. John, I don’t have regular internet. Our mutual interests will bring us together soon.

    Carlos, as you know, my friends are mostly dead, even the ones who haven’t died.

    WJ, thanks, let’s do a river together sometime.

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